Enjoy true Indonesian hospitality!

One can never be satisfied without trying the selection of Indonesian snacks like Tahu Telur, Sate Madura, Gado Gado, and etc, the chef recommended Nasi Kuning Ayam Betutu Set – Balinese Specialties Baked Chicken with aromatic blend of Spices and Singkong Leaves with the cone-shaped Yellow Rice, Mee Tek Tek which is the Indonesian Street style Fried Noodles and the mouth-watering Soto Betawi – the traditional Betawi style Beef Soup with Rice Cake and Vermicelli.

The cafe exudes a cozy & relaxing ambience for our guests to dine in and unwind – the distinctive flavours lie in the delicate blend of herbs and spices, with the use of fresh ingredients and an extraordinary amount of precision in preparation.

Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Tel: (65) 6509 8600

Opening Hours:
Daily 11:00am – 10:00pm